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In 1986 Flash commenced business as a commercial photographic lab and today this is still one of the options we offer our clients. Photographic quality prints are still our driving passion.

Our background in the high end photographic industry forces us to strive for the ultimate quality regardless of the output device.

Today we can print to almost anything. Using our flatbed printers we can print direct to wood, metal, plastics and acrylic. In fact we can print to almost anything flat, regardless of shape.

Our super wide (5 metres) Vutek printer allows us to print huge building wraps, billboards and the large banners you see hanging outside galleries and museums around the country.

The new generation of Solvent HiRes Inkjet Printers enables us to produce almost photographic quality direct to vinyls, papers and backlit films. 

Using Dye Sublimation printing devices we can print to a wide range of soft fabrics creating a washable graphic printed onto sheer, opaque and translucent fabrics.

And yes, we are still printing high quality Lambda photographic images directly from your digital files onto a range of materials, including photographic papers, metallic stock, DuraClear and DuraTrans backlit films.

We don't limit you to a single process, they all have their particular advantages.

Tell us what you want to achieve and we will help you choose the most suitable output method. Indoor or outdoor, a short term campaign or permanent museum installation, just let us know! We will show you samples of printed materials and you will see how we have used these products in the past. Tailoring our range of services to match your needs is our speciality.



Finding greener alternatives

For many years Flash has offered the low PVC product Ecotex® as a 'greener' alternative to printing on vinyls. Now we have extended the environmentally friendly alternatives to include fully biodegradable corn based inks, polyester based media and biodegradable PVC products.

BioVu - These inks are a biologically based product and contain a solvent derived from corn. They reduce dependency on oil reserves and are safer for the environment. Additionally, the corn-based solvents used in BioVu inks are not hazardous air pollutants, pose no threat to the ozone layer and are biodegradable.   download pdf


BIOflex® is a durable white, flexible substrate readily available in seamless up to 5m width. Tear and fade resistant, it will withstand all types of weather conditions. BIOflex® has been engineered to be a biodegradable PVC sign material. It is well suited for applications that require a front-lit digitally printed sign or banners.   download pdf



BioMesh - This indoor / outdoor 2m wide polyester mesh fabric contains no PVC. It's great print quality and long life makes it suitable for banners and fence signage. download pdf



Ecotex® - Although Ecotex® is not new, it's low PVC content makes it a great alternative for banners, billboards and display system graphics. It contains 95% less PVC than vinyl and less than 3% chlorine - and it's very economical too!. download pdf



You're also welcome to visit our production facilities. There you will find exciting new creative solutions, in our showrooms or on a factory tour, you will virtually stumble onto your own creative ideas.