“Since opening our doors in Brisbane in the late 80's our dedicated production team have gained a combined experience of over 60 years in the local industry. Our team’s knowledge has expanded from outdoor signage solutions, large wall coverings and custom built signs to focusing on photographic quality dye sublimation printing.

Be it printing direct to fabric or printing to paper and transferring to metal, wood, plastics or woven fabrics the same level of care and knowledge translates to vibrant prints for use in retail, commercial and home applications.

We cover it all.

Javier Gonzalez,
Flash Brisbane


Dye Sublimation Printing

Sublimation printing, also referred to as dye sublimation printing, is a printing method for transferring images onto a substrate (usually a cloth material such as polyester). The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled with pressure and time. The high temperature - from a heat transfer press - opens the pores of the polymer and allows the gas to enter. When the temperature drops, the pores close and the gas reverts to a solid state. The print then becomes part of the polymer.

Dye Sublimation Printer Dye Sublimation Printer


Tuffline® Fabric

The Tuffline® Fabric textile framing system is a unique addition to the Tuffline® series. Stretching fabrics in the stylish Tuffline® frame allows for easy changeovers and creates great new opportunities in either frontlet or Backlit options.

Use this frame to create in-store textile collages, promote the current fashion patterns and designs or as a unique graphic textile feature. This lightweight but sturdy graphic solution looks permanent but the textile can be changed in minutes. Tuffline® Fabric can also provide acoustic benefits to a room.

Tuffline Fabric
Tuffline Fabric


Dye sublimation and fabric printing

This innovative process is just one of many digital interior solutions that allow unique creations for a range of environments. Unlike conventional fabric printing methods such as screen or tumble-printing, Custom Fabric is ready for immediate output straight from a digital file. With fabrics up to 3.1 meters in width anything is possible.

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Dye sublimation and fabric printing


ChromaLuxe chromaluxe

ChromaLuxe is the leading brand of sublimation print media providing ultimate image clarity and vibrancy. Through our dye-sublimation process, images are infused into specially coated surfaces to provide the most durable, longest lasting print medium.


There are a wide range of substrates ideal for everything from the highest quality fine art printing, for home decor, to multiple interior design usages, including floors.


Display suites

Having serviced the real estate industry for many years, Flash understands the need for an individual, stand out display suite. We have the capacity to print images onto many flexible materials, of virtually any size, that can be used for a variety of applications.

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Display suites graphics
Display suites graphics


Display Systems

From easy to carry roll ups to custom modular systems we'll have a display system to suite your needs and budget.

Banner Stands
Roll ups
Pop Up Display Systems
Portable Architecture
Modular Systems

Display suites graphics
Display suites graphics