interior solutions

LightWalls® have proven to push the boundaries of boldness and brightness by illuminating an entire wall.PhotoGlass® allows graphics to be enhanced by transparent, translucent or one-way effects.Custom Fabric creates unique drapes, soft furnishings, screens and hanging graphicsCustom Wallpaper allows for total creativity and guarantee absolute individuality.PhotoMesh® creates vibrant graphics whilst still allowing natural light into a room

interior solutions

Solutions for environmental graphics that include project management, colour direction and large format interior graphics.

Self adhesive graphics

Interiors come alive with the simplicity and flexibility of self adhesive graphics. Applied straight to the wall or substrate with virtually no restriction on size. Self adhesive graphics can be used indoor or outdoor for retail, corporate or in any public environment

Custom Wallpaper

Custom Wallpaper has all the same attributes as conventional wallpaper. It has the same sheen, feel, scuff resistance, washability and a fire resistance rating equivalent to those required by the Australian Building Standards.


PhotoGlass® allows images and patterns to be enhanced by transparent, translucent or one-way effects. PhotoGlass® can look like a backlit image when the ambient light on one side of the PhotoGlass® is greater than the other. PhotoGlass® has effectively been used for privacy in corporate environments, for attention grabbing retail window displays and the creation of ambience in nightclubs.

Custom Fabric

Unlike conventional forms of fabric printing, such as screen or tumble printing, the digital production process of Custom Fabric means that they are ready for output straight from a digital file. Custom Fabric is also fire retardant, which is of particular importance to commercial venues, which have strict safety guidelines.


The impressive effect of a LightWall® has proven to push the boundaries of boldness and brightness by illuminating an entire wall, side to side and floor to ceiling. LightWalls®provide a way for any graphic to be lit from behind, with virtually no restriction on size or location.


Used up against windows, PhotoMesh® can display opaque graphics whilst allowing natural light into the room. PhotoMesh® can even be stretched over a frame and used to create a division in a room. Whilst a distinctive separation is made between areas, there is still a hint of what is on the other side.

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