High impact retail graphics. PhotoMesh® is a versatile mesh product that can create vibrant vinyl graphics whilst still allowing natural light into a room or space.

Single or double sided PhotoMesh® prints can create different levels of translucency, depending on available light. The option of a black-backed print can create a one-way vision effect, ie. you can see out, but others can’t see in.

PhotoMesh® can be a permanent or interchangeable graphic solution….no messy window adhesives! It can be applied using methods such as our ShopCable® banner hanging system, magnets or rope-edging. Simple installation means less cost and effort for you, and allows images to be changed more regularly if required, keeping your message fresh.

The applications for PhotoMesh® are limitless, having effectively been used for banner applications, stretched frames for office partitions, and high impact retail windows. The combination of solvent-based printing and outdoor vinyl also makes this print method suitable for external applications, such as hoarding and scaffolding graphics.

photomesh factsheet