The unique Tuffline® system is a patented retail display solution. Designed by Flash Retail, comprising of an elegant borderless and glassless framing solution, with a unique graphic magnetic adhesion system.

In-store graphics can now be changed in minutes. Panels can be installed directly to any wall surface, can be hung using the ShopCable® system or fitted to a FlexiPole®.

What Tuffline® means to you…

  • Graphic installation can be performed by store staff, saving on installation.
  • Protected edges.
  • No mounting, saving you money.
  • Graphics are shipped and stored in tubes for easy reuse and reduced shipping costs.
  • Environmentally friendly, less landfill and reduces the use of PVC and foam boards.

retail displayApplication

Tuffline® can be applied to any wall finish, using split batons, screws, glue (maxbond), industrial Velcro, double-sided mirror tape or it can be hung like a normal picture frame.

How big can I go?

The largest we recommend a single Tuffline® panel to be is, 1200 x 2400 but multiple Tuffline® panels can be put together to create entire walls of interchangeable graphics.


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